Faceted Moldavite Pendant | Sterling Silver
Faceted Moldavite Pendant | Sterling Silver
Faceted Moldavite Pendant | Sterling Silver
Faceted Moldavite Pendant | Sterling Silver

Faceted Moldavite Pendant | Sterling Silver

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powerful transformation |
integration | spirituality

Born of a meteorite impact in the Czech Republic some 14.8 million years ago, this fascinating, forest-green tektite has been thrust into the spotlight, as the understanding of the unique brand of energy it offers has spread like the fire that created it.

Moldavite is most definitely incredible; intensely transformational, this stone is ready to rapidly dissolve barriers and blockages holding you back from your highest self and greatest potential. Powerfully propelling you both deep within yourself and near-infinitely broadening your perspective at the same time, Moldavite truely shines a light on the "big picture" and your place in it - bringing an understanding of your inner self and connection with the Divine. Pushing you towards physical and spiritual integration, this is a stone that's here to awaken you to the deepest truths of the life, bringing wisdom beyond normal conscious understanding.

However, as the interest has spread, so too has the word of warning - that this energy of transformation and change, fuelled by the force that is Moldavite, can be ruthless. Ready or not, Moldavite is here to help you level-up; just understand that you might end up leaving some things behind as it takes you higher, and that this part of your soul's journey might not always be smooth sailing.

Details: Polished and faceted Moldavite pendant, with a 45cm 925 Sterling Silver close cable chain.
Size: 12 x 9mm

This piece is one-of-a-kind; you will receive the exact Moldavite pendant pictured. We carefully source our Moldavite stock from only trusted suppliers in the Czech Republic with the highest quality, genuine stones and jewellery. We cleanse, pack and send each of our pieces to you with the utmost care and love.


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We consciously source the highest quality, genuine, natural crystals from around the world to share their beauty and energy with you.

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As you call a new addition into your life, you may find traces of the earth in which it was born, internal inclusions and structral variences - adding to the personality and wonder of each piece.

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