Love Rose Quartz Facial Roller For Mama
Love Rose Quartz Facial Roller For Mama
Love Rose Quartz Facial Roller For Mama

Love Rose Quartz Facial Roller


Sweet, pink Rose Quartz is known for its abilities to soothe the soul of stress, tension and negative energy; fostering positive self-esteem, restoring confidence, balancing emotions and promoting self-love. When included as facial massage into the daily skincare regime, this healing crystal roller can help to reduce the effects of emotional stress that can lead to tricky skin issues. The cooling, soothing action of a crystal roller also assists in promoting lymphatic drainage and detoxification, clarifying the complexion and rejuvenating for glowing skin.

Lymphatic Drainage Technique:

Incorporate your Rose Quartz crystal roller into your daily skincare regime utilising a lymphatic drainage technique to increase circulation and blood flow, reduce swelling and pu ness and improve skin tone and texture. Roller may be chilled to further promote cooling and soothing action.

Step One: Apply 3-5 drops of “radiance” facial oil, or your preferred facial oil, moisturiser or serum.
Step Two: Move always from the midline of the face, outwards, using a gentle pressure only. Beginning at the top of the forehead, draw long strokes from the centre out towards the temples and ears. Repeat each stroke 3-6 times before moving downwards.
Step Three: Using the small roller, roll under the eyes and again outwards towards the ear, repeating each stroke 3-6 times. Then, move along the sinuses; starting between the eyebrows, roll down the sides of the nose over the sinus passages and underneath the cheekbones towards the ears.
Step Four: Returning to working with the large roller, draw strokes along the upper lip, cheeks and chin outwards and slightly upwards towards your ear lobes. Repeat each stroke 3-6 times.
Step Five: Underneath the jaw line, make long, sweeping strokes downwards towards the collarbone, again moving from the midline of the body outwards. Repeat each stroke 3-6 times.

Gently wipe roller clean after use with a soft, damp cloth. If roller is becoming stiff in its movements, apply a drop of oil to the brass bracket points. Do not submerge or soak as this may damage the roller.

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