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Soothe and calm irritable babes and teething pain. Positively charged with the soothing and comforting energy of Baltic Amber.

Apply along jawline, cheeks and around the ears as often as required to soothe sore gums, and behind ears, along the back of the neck and spine, on the wrists and the soles of the feet to settle and calm irritability during teething. Avoid eye area.

Ready-to-use roll-on blend containing: Fractionated Coconut Oil + Essential Oils of Lavender*, Roman Chamomile* & Helichrysum*, Natural Vitamin E

*Australian Certified Organic | 10mL

Tiny Tonics' roller blends contain Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz and Rainbow Moonstone, charging each blend with the powerful positive vibrations of these loving, healing and balancing crystals to support and soothe the soul as well as assist in addressing physical ailments. The Teething Babe Blend also includes Baltic Amber, known for its ability to soothe and support baby physically and emotionally during the trying time that is teething.

Tiny Tonics’ essential oil roller blends have been mindfully formulated to maximise therapeutic and aromatic benefits. Our blends are crafted using the highest quality, therapeutic grade essential and carrier oils, blended to precise concentrations to support the body and mind - safely, effectively and naturally.

‎‎Essential Oil Roller Blends can be applied to the pulse points for a holistic approach to harnessing their powerful aromatic and therapeutic benefits; the soles of the feet, wrists, along the spine and the back of the neck. Targeted application to local areas affected may also be helpful in providing relief.

Tiny Tonics' Essential Oil Roller Blends are formulated for use in little ones aged 2 months and older.

Please note this information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your health care professional to discuss your personal suitability for the use of these products.

Thoughtfully formulated to support little loves as they grow and learn about the world around them, the Tiny Tonics range of Essential Oil Roller Blends for Babes are crafted with the highest quality, natural and organic essential oils and raw materials.

Teething Babe

Soothe and calm irritable babes and teething pain. Positively charged with the soothing and comforting energy of Baltic Amber. 

Tummy Troubles

Comfort babes with upset bellies, naturally. 

Sleepy Time

Settle and soothe busy little minds, naturally, and encourage a deep and restful sleep. 

Peaceful Babe

Calm and comfort little ones to help bring peace to times of tantrums, restlessness or general grumpiness.

Bug Buster

Naturally support little bodies in the battle against colds and germs.


Soothe and support repair of bumps, bruises, scratches and scrapes for your little one.

A helping hand for natural support through the joys and challenges that motherhood brings - simple, gentle, natural and effective Essential Oil Roller Blends for Mama.

First Trimester
Ease early pregnancy issues including nausea, stomach upset and bloating.

Mama's Milk
Support the body in lactation assist in milk supply, while soothing sore and tender breasts. 

A balancing blend to promote feelings of calm to ease stress and overwhelm during the postpartum period.
Please note: This blend is formulated with Essential Oils that should be avoided during pregnancy, and is intended to support a new mama in the postpartum period.

Bringing calm and peace to the soul during periods of tension, stress and anxiety. 

Energy Boost
Refresh, energise and uplift during periods of tension and exhaustion; perfect to start the day or for an afternoon boost.

Deep Sleep
Dissolve the day's tension and promote a deep, restful sleep.

Support the body in the battle against colds and germs.

Stiff & Sore
Provide soothing relief to stiff and sore muscles and joints during pregnancy and beyond.

Purchase any three single Roller Blends in the Tiny Tonics range and recieve a fourth, free!

Please note that promotion is not applicable to Roller Blend Bundles and must be applied in the same order.

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