The Essentials Collection | Bundle 02
The Essentials Collection | Bundle 02
The Essentials Collection | Bundle 02
The Essentials Collection | Bundle 02
The Essentials Collection | Bundle 02
The Essentials Collection | Bundle 02
The Essentials Collection | Bundle 02
The Essentials Collection | Bundle 02
The Essentials Collection | Bundle 02
The Essentials Collection | Bundle 02
The Essentials Collection | Bundle 02
The Essentials Collection | Bundle 02

The Essentials Collection | Bundle 02

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A gorgeous bundle of five consciously curated pieces that are essentials in any crystal lover's life; the perfect place to start your crystal journey, or to grow your collection with intention for holistic energetic support.

Clear Quartz Cluster
amplifying | clarifying | healing

Clear Quartz, the Master Healer, is not only incredibly powerful, but also the most versatile stone for healing, meditation, expansion of consciousness, communication with guides, past-life recall, attracting love or prosperity, manifestation practice or virtually any purpose. It has the ability to amplify and focus personal energies as well as that of other crystals, and its energy balancing properties make Clear Quartz the perfect addition to any space to help promote peace and calm.
Size: 200-250g

Smoky Quartz Point
grounding | protection | centering

A powerful, protective master healer, Smoky Quartz is a must-have for those times when things are feeling stuck, stale or stagnant. As both a shield and transmuter of negativity, Smoky Quartz takes the energy of a space and seriously shifts it, allowing positive and productive energies to blossom and grow. With it's earthy hues, Smoky Quartz offers deep grounding and a sense of balance and restoration, like wiping your energetic slate clean and finding space for all things new.
Size: 6-8cm

Amethyst Sphere
stability | positivity | balance

Amethyst is well loved for its spiritually and emotionally supportive properties. Protective and and purifying for the mind, it brings clarity and stability during times of stress and overwhelm. Opens our awareness to all of life's possibilities, and supports creativity and intuition. Supports healthy sleep patterns and deep, restful sleep, and brings a sense of calm and tranquility into the space.
Size: 3-4cm

Rose Quartz Raw Piece
love | compassion | tenderness

Sweet, pink Rose Quartz is known for its abilities to soothe the soul of stress, tension and negative energy; fostering positive self-esteem, restoring confidence, balancing emotions and promoting self-love. It's gentle, feminine energy is like a warm embrace of unconditional love from the Universe, inviting calm and comfort, deep joy and quiet peace into one's life.
Size: 150-200g

Selenite Natural Plate
nurturing | peace | protection

Highly vibrational and breathtakingly beautiful, Selenite is powerfully connected with the divine energy of the moon. Selenite holds an incredibly balancing, stabilising and nurturing energy that cleanses negativity and restores the emotional self. Radiating light, Selenite promotes truth and honesty and powerfully shifts the energy of one's space into a sense of calm and peace. Selenite is known to provide cleansing, balancing and protective energies for the self and space, bringing light and love into your world.
Size: ~20 x 3 x 1cm

Satya Incense | Positive Vibes

A delicate and beautiful incense, hand-rolled from a traditional blend of masala spices, florals and resins.
Size: Each box contains approx. 12 sticks.

Please note, natural crystals are perfectly imperfect in nature, often showing fractures and variations within their formation and traces of the earth from which they were born.

Each bundle is intuitively selected and one-of-a-kind; you will receive crystals of similar size and colouring to those pictured. We cleanse, pack and send each of our pieces to you with the utmost care and love.

Styling pieces not included in bundle (eg. incense holder, crystal stands, trays, etc).

We consciously source the highest quality, genuine, natural crystals from around the world to share their beauty and energy with you.

Crystals are naturally varied materials, holding the stories of their formation within. Variations in tone, texture and structure are an expected and fascinating feature of each piece's unique and incredible formation.

As you call a new addition into your life, you may find traces of the earth in which it was born, internal inclusions and structral variences - adding to the personality and wonder of each piece.

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