Mind, Body & Soul Crystal Kit Crystals
Mind, Body & Soul Crystal Kit Crystals
Mind, Body & Soul Crystal Kit Crystals

Mind, Body & Soul Crystal Kit


Gorgeous natural clusters and pieces, mindfully chosen to support mind, body and spirit; soothing the soul and encouraging deep peace and connection to one's higher self.

One of the world's most revered stones today and throughout the ages, Amethyst is traditionally valued for its many spiritually and emotionally supportive properties, and is incredibly versatile in its application to bring positive energy into one's life. Protective and and purifying for the mind, it brings clarity during times of stress and overwhelm - while, placed in the family home, it can also help to facilitate calm and confident communication between loved ones. In the professional environment, Amethyst can help to reduce work related stress while facilitating open and intuitive communication and is helpful in promoting work efficiency and effectiveness.

Apophyllite connects the spiritual self to the physical, encouraging introspection and inspiring balance. A stone of truth, Apophyllite can help to release negative thought patterns and mental blocks, helping to reduce stress, anxiety, fear and worry and encourages spiritual grounding and calm, and can assist you to return to your spiritual path after feeling disillusionment or difficulty. This piece will fill your space with high vibrations for powerful purifying and re-energizing effects.

Sky-blue Celestite is an incredibly high-vibration stone, helping to ease the soul into a state of quiet realisation and peaceful awareness. While its energy is loving and gentle, it is also powerfully stimulating to the spirit and allows one to connect deeply with intuitive abilities. Keep Celestite in your bedroom to bring tranquility and harmony in to your space for restful sleep.

rose quartz
Sweet, pink Rose Quartz is known for its abilities to soothe the soul of stress, tension and negative energy; fostering positive self-esteem, restoring confidence, balancing emotions and promoting self-love. It's gentle, feminine energy is like a warm embrace of unconditional love from the Universe, inviting calm and comfort, deep joy and quiet peace into one's life.

Tiny Tonics' Crystal Kits come packed in a sweet wooden box for storage and display, and sent with a mini sized Palo Santo stick to aid you in cleansing your crystals to prepare them to assist you in your intentions for them.

Please note, all clusters and pieces are of premium quality, with size demonstrated in photos above. We cleanse, pack and send each of our kits to you with the utmost care and love.

Cleansing your crystals:
When you receive your crystals, cleanse their energy with the included palo santo stick; light the stick and blow out the flame, allowing the smoke to bathe over your crystals.

Setting intentions:
with your crystals cleansed of negative and stagnant energy, hold your crystals in your hand, still your mind and visualise how they can help you. Use your crystals as reminders to stay true to your intentions and consciously aware of your aspirations.

Recharging your crystals:
Charge your crystals under the sun or moon light to help keep their vibrational energy strong, pure and powerful. After recharging, revisit your intention setting practice to direct the crystal’s revitalised energy to assist you.

Please note: Small tumbled stones can present a choking risk to small children. Please keep them out of reach of your little one’s curious hands.

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