Teething Babe For Baby

Teething Babe


Teething is a trying time for the whole family - sleepless nights, cranky kids and, of course, your poor babe suffering with sore gums. Soothe and calm irritable babes and help relieve teething pain with our targeted essential oil roller blend.

Our roller blends contain Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz and Rainbow Moonstone, charging each with the powerful positive vibrations of these loving, healing and balancing crystals. Our Teething Babe Roller Blend is also positively charged with the soothing and comforting energy of Baltic Amber. Baltic amber is a natural analgesic and possesses anti-inflammatory properties, and is widely used to help provide relief to babes during teething.

During times of teething, as we all know... everything goes in baby's mouth! Our Wild Wood Rattle is not only gorgeous -  hand carved from a single piece of wood that has fallen naturally and not been cut down, full of the colour and soul of the tree that it's crafted from - but is the perfect little teether to let baby chomp away on. Finished with organic caranuba wax, it's a no-nasties soother for those sore gums.

Ready-to-use roll-on blend containing: Fractionated Coconut Oil + Essential Oils of Lavender*, Roman Chamomile* & Helichrysum*, Natural Vitamin E 

*Australian Certified Organic | 10mL

Apply along jawline, cheeks and around the ears as often as required to soothe sore gums, and behind ears, along the back of the neck and spine, on the wrists and the soles of the feet to settle and calm irritability during teething. Avoid eye area.

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