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White Sage Smudge Bundle Crystals

White Sage Smudge Bundle


The burning of aromatic herbs has long been used in the rituals of traditional cultures, and one of the most well known and equally revered herbs for the purpose of spiritual and physical cleansing is Sage.

The powerfully cleansing properties of Sage may be used to cleanse any person, space or object of negative, dull or stagnant energies, creating space for elevated vibrations and moods. A crucial tool for the crystal lover, Sage may similarly be used to clear and reset the energy of your crystals, allowing them to best serve your highest self.

Note: You will receive one White Sage Smudge Bundle of similar size to that pictured. Bowl not included.

Light the tip of your Sage bundle and allow flames to burn for 30 seconds before gentle blowing out. If cleansing crystals, allow the smoke to wash over them; if clearing your environments, travel around your space and allow the smoke to reach every corner of every room.

Your Sage bundle will extinguish on it's own, and may need re-lighting if cleansing a large space. Take care with flames and flammable objects and surfaces, and place bundle in a fire-proof vessel while awaiting extinguishment, if required.

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