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Palo Santo | Three Sticks


Palo Santo, or "Holy Wood', has long been revered for the cleansing properties of its delicately aromatic smoke. The burning of Palo Santo draws negative energy from the space and self, inspiring clarity, calm and a renewed sense of purpose.

Palo Santo is also a crucial tool for the crystal lover, easily allowing the purification of their energy to enable these powerful tools to work at their highest level, for your highest self.

This bundle includes 3 Palo Santo Sticks, approximately 10cm x 1cm x 1cm in size. 

Light the tip of your Palo Santo stick and allow flames to burn for 30 seconds before gently blowing out. If cleansing crystals, allow the smoke to wash over them; if clearing your environments, travel around your space and allow the smoke to reach every corner of every room.

Your Palo Santo stick will extinguish on it's own, and may need re-lighting if cleansing a large space. Take care with flames and flammable objects and surfaces, and place Palo Santo stick in a fire-proof vessel while awaiting extinguishment, if required.

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