Natural White Abalone Shell | Smudge & Crystal Bowl Crystals

Natural White Abalone Shell | Smudge & Crystal Bowl


A gift from the sea, the beautiful Abalone shell is powerfully connected to the energy of the ocean; just as the water from which they are born can cleanse and soothe the soul, the Abalone shell brings a wash of calm and healing energy.

Using this gorgeous piece as a bowl during smudging not only brings these energies into your cleansing ritual, but fully integrates the elements during this time - bringing Earth (Palo Santo / Sage smudge), Air (Smoke), Fire (Flames & Embers) and Water (Abalone Shell) together to powerfully purify the energy of your self and space. Abalone Shell also makes a beautiful display piece to hold your precious crystals, allowing them to bathe in their oceanic vibrations.

These large shells are left naturally unpolished and in their raw state - with a soft, neutral white shell and rainbows of colour dancing along their mother-of-pearl surface, these divine pieces are a pure and perfect addition to your home and sacred space. 

Available as shell only, or in a duo with three Palo Santo sticks included.


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