Rhodonite Worry Stone Crystals

Rhodonite Worry Stone


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clarity | confidence | persistence

Rhodonite is powerfully supportive of the heart and allows us to release and heal old emotional hurt and pain - clearing away fear and uncertainty and bringing clarity to our path in life and love. Inspires vibrant confidence and invites love of all kinds; importantly, the deep kind of self-love that allows us to open ourselves to others. Rhodonite encourages us persist in the pursuit of finding all that which makes our heart whole, both within and all around us.

A worry stone, or thumb stone, is a beautiful pocket-sized tool for stress and anxiety relief. Combining the gorgeous energy of the crystals they're crafted from with the mindfulness practice of rubbing the stone's indented surface with the thumb, use of worry stones for soothing the soul has ties to cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) practices and instills a sense of calm and relaxation.

Each piece is intuitively selected and one-of-a-kind; you will receive a Rhodonite worry stone of similar size and colouring to those pictured. We cleanse, pack and send each of our pieces to you with the utmost care and love.

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