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Anxiety Crystal Kit


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Inspiring grounding, self-connection and calm, these five extra large stones are carefully and consciously curated to soothe the soul in times of stress and worry, and bring peace to anxious days.

purifying | strengthening | confidence

release | expression | communication

clear quartz
amplifying | clarifying | healing

ocean jasper
unblocking | soothing | optimism 

black tourmaline
protection | boundaries | grounding

Tiny Tonics' Crystal Kits come packed in a sweet wooden box for storage and display, and sent with incense to aid you in cleansing your crystals to prepare them to assist you in your intentions for them.

Crystals are a wonderful tool to support you in your wellness journey, but should not be used in place of medical treatment where required. Please chat with your healthcare provider if you are experiencing anxiety as a condition or symptom - and always know, you are not alone xx  

Please note, all tumbled stones are of premium quality and large in size. We cleanse, pack and send each of our kits to you with the utmost care and love.

Cleansing your crystals:
When you receive your crystals, cleanse their energy with the included incense; set alight and blow out the flame, allowing the smoke to bathe over your crystals.

Setting intentions:
with your crystals cleansed of negative and stagnant energy, hold your crystals in your hand, still your mind and visualise how they can help you. Use your crystals as reminders to stay true to your intentions and consciously aware of your aspirations.

Recharging your crystals:
Charge your crystals under the sun or moon light to help keep their vibrational energy strong, pure and powerful. After recharging, revisit your intention setting practice to direct the crystal’s revitalised energy to assist you.

Please note: Small tumbled stones can present a choking risk to small children. Please keep them out of reach of your little one’s curious hands.

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