Lodolite Phantom Point | 525g Crystals
Lodolite Phantom Point | 525g Crystals
Lodolite Phantom Point | 525g Crystals
Lodolite Phantom Point | 525g Crystals

Lodolite Phantom Point | 525g


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truth | grounding | growth

Formed as Clear Quartz met earthen inclusions during its growth, Lodolite in an incredible crystal visually - with these multiple and varied inclusions forming all kinds of hidden worlds within. Like its formation, Lodolite shows us all that we hold inside, from our strengths and unique power to the places we hurt and need care. Encouraging us to look deep within ourselves for the answers we seek, Lodolite supports our journey and personal growth towards our highest selves, and to seeking and speaking our truth. Connecting deeply to the energy of the earth, Lodolite is a powerfully grounding and centring stone, and a beautiful partner for meditation practices and in soothing the soul during times of stress and anxiety.

Phantom crystals are not only intensely interesting in their appearance - with the shadows of time visible in their very formations, where rests in growth coupled by deposits of specific minerals leave the ghost of the crystal's former self, seen within. This quality gives phantom crystals a deep and powerful knowledge of growth, and change - of moving forward through everything in life's ebb and flow. Green Phantoms, specifically, are caused by chlorite deposits, which lend their powerful cleansing and balancing energies to the amplifying and healing properties of the quartz formations they call home.

Standing crystal points, sometimes referred to as towers, are used for their energy directing and generating properties. Placed in your home or workplace, they are a beautiful, powerful way to balance and lift the vibration of your self and space. Crystal points are also a wonderful addition to your crystal gridding practice, enabling you to focus and direct energy within your grid.

Size: 10 x 6 x 6cm
Weight: 525g

Please note, Lodolite is a naturally varied stone, often showing fractures in it's formation - making each piece as unique as the soul it's calling to.

This piece is one-of-a-kind; you will receive the exact Lodolite point pictured. We cleanse, pack and send each of our pieces to you with the utmost care and love.

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