What's The Deal With Crystals?

Posted by Cassandra Whitfield on

These days, people are increasingly turning to traditional lifestyles and knowledge to help us make sense of ourselves and the often crazy world around us. Life is busy; fast-paced and constantly connected, and so we’re looking for an opportunity to turn inward and reflect on our purpose and meaning in life.

Formed over many thousands of years from a rich array of minerals, crystals vary widely in their rainbow of colours and geologically amazing formations due to the chemical compounds of which they are made and the conditions from which they are born. Tied strongly into the traditional lore of every ancient culture, crystals have long been used as jewelry and talismans to harness their beauty and energetic properties.

The modern approach to crystal use and healing focus on their energetic properties; their vibrations, and their abilities to balance and inspire our own energetic transformation. Connecting with crystals gives us the chance to bring in their powerfully high vibrations into our space and selves, positively altering our own energies. 

With their profound energetic effects, crystals provide us with a powerful, tangible tool for transformation. Imbuing in them a sense of how best to work for you - by programming them with your intentions - provides a physical anchor to the energy of that which you most desire, allowing you to align with the world around you to call in all that you need to reach this goal. Similarly, crystals are helpful for protection - with their energy drawing properties allowing them to “filter out” any negativity that may be present in your self and environment, and opening up space for more positive and productive energy. 

Simple ways to invite the positive effects of crystal energy into your home can include;

  • Placing Rose Quartz, the stone of love, in your bathroom or dressing area; where we can often fall prey to feelings of inadequacy and self-deprecation, instead bringing the energy of self-love and self-worth into the place where you are getting ready for the day.
  • Place Smoky Quartz in children’s bedrooms to promote grounding and energetic release at the end of the day, encouraging restful sleep.
  • Place Citrine in the offce to encourage effcient and purposeful work and cultivate abundant energy in the professional setting.
  • Place Black Tourmaline near the front door to protect against and absorb negative energies before they enter the home at the end of a long day.
Inviting the energy of crystals into your home can result in truly profound transformation, and will dramatically shift the energy of your space. New to crystals? Check out The Essential Crystals Kit - a consciously curated selection of 7 essential crystals to support the energy of your self and space, plus tools to assist in energetic cleansing and clearing; the must-have kit for starting your journey into the world of crystal healing and energetic balancing, or for the crystal lover looking to expand their collection.

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