Kinda Weird Stuff You Actually Need When You've Got A New Baby.

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When I had my first babe, I was totally overwhelmed with the generosity of my family and friends in showering me with gifts and goodies before she arrived. Toys, books, equipment and oh-my-gosh, way-too-cute onesies galore; I was certainly very lucky. 

While these things aren't nearly as sweet as a little Zippy - maybe borderline weird and wacky - I promise you, these belong on the list of things you need, too!

1. Nose Frida

In first place is the grossest/most indispensable tool you can have with a tiny human around - especially during winter. When they get their first cold, it's heartbreaking; and, of course, they can't blow their nose. So you suck it out. Yep, you read that right. Sucky, suck, suck. Like a straw. With snot. It's oddly satisfying and yet deeply disturbing at the same time, but trust me here; if you get anything on this list, make it this. It'll clear their sinuses out, which is super helpful when they need to feed.

Side note; there's a filter, too - no direct snot-to-mouth contact, don't worry. Still gross, but not terribly so.

Grab one at your local pharmacy, or Chemist Warehouse 👌

2. Haakaa

If you're breastfeeding, this genius little contraption is gonna be your new bestie. It's not very expensive ($36.95 from Milk And Cookies By Jewels - pick yo' self up some delish breastfeeding cookies while you're there 😉) and it's got a bunch of uses;
- Use on the non-feeding breast during feeds to catch a little extra and stash it away; I found, personally, using it every feed meant I'd built up an extra feed's worth by the end of the day 🙌
- Use to relieve engorgement/oversupply without providing too much stimulation - as a regular pump would - which can further the problem; again, it'll take a little milk off and you can stash it away for a night out 🍹
- Use to clear plugged ducts by filling with warm water and epsom salt, and suctioning it to the effected breast; magic! (check out the Facebook post about it here!)
- Leave it on your bench to confuse visitors as to why you've got a slightly - *ahem* - adult looking toy just chillin' in the kitchen 😅

Plus, it's ridiculously simple to clean, especially compared to a standard breast pump! Yassss!

3. Hydrogel Breast Discs

Again, a suggestion for the breastfeeding mamas in the joint. Weird little jelly things that you pop on your nips to help cool and soothe and heal when you're being torn to shreds by a ravenous boob monster starting your breastfeeding journey. Pretty much lifesaving. Coles, Woolies, Chemist Warehouse - easy peasy.

4. Traditional Cloth Nappies

Before you skip this one, I'm not talking about for baby bums here. But for pretty much everything else - spew (so. much. spew.), leaky boobs, an impromptu change table cover, an actual towel, more spew, blowout cleanup aid, etc. At $10-$25 for a dozen, they're cheap and incredibly handy. Also make great Elsa capes for Frozen obsessed 4-year-olds 💁

I grabbed these ones from Big W with my first babe and they're still going strong!

5. For The Older Babes

You don't need these right away - they're for when your little loves starts adventuring into real food territory - but they're so genius I couldn't leave them out.

The B-Box Sippy Cup is one of those examples of engineering that floor you with the simple solution to a common problem. When your babe starts drinking water, they're not gonna understand the whole "gravity" thing that's required to make a straw work. Pfft, silly babies. So some downright genius said, "make the straw bendy and pop a weight on it" - and they did, and it's amazing. They can tip it upside down and it'll still work, like some kind of witchcraft. Oh - and it comes in a million, super cute colours. #ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney 

Another Chemist Warehouse buy at $12.99

Meanwhile, the similarly brainy folks over at Boon realised that people like me were spending a small fortune on barely even eaten rusks that were thrown on the floor (and, in my case, promptly stolen by my dogs). So they stuck a Chinese finger trap on the end of a stick, chucked a clip on it and called it problem solved. Also good for anything rusk-shaped (think cucumber sticks, apple slices, cheese sticks, etc), also in a fun array of colours, also slightly ~adult~ looking. Pop it next to your Haakaa and people are going to think you're having way more "fun" then you are. 

A Baby Bunting buy for $9.71

Any other suggestions, guys? What was your must-have but not mainstream item for new motherhood? Let me know below!

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