Essential Oils And Kids

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Essential oils are getting a lot of love at the moment, and once you start using them it’s easy to see why - not only do they smell amazing (which is the reason most people first fall in love!), but they offer a beautifully natural alternative to supporting the body in so many ways!

Many mamas are turning to essential oils to help their babes with all of the things that raising kids can throw your way - from tantrums to teething, sickness and sore tummies, and of course cranky pants craziness, essential oils can be hugely helpful! Embracing the natural solutions that essential oils offer can totally transform your day-to-day life while avoiding nasty chemicals and toxins contained in many products and over-the-counter medicines.

However, there are a few important things to consider when bringing these powerful, natural tools into your lives (many of which have been covered in our Essential Oil 101 blog - be sure to check that one out too!). Here are a few top tips for using essential oils effectively and safely with kids!

  • Quality; avoid the Kmart cheapies, and invest in some good quality oils to use for your self, your kids and your home. Cheap, poor quality oils are often adulterated with horrid chemicals, and definitely aren’t something you want to be bringing in to your life to use with your little ones! Look for companies that offer testing transparency and are open about their sourcing; good quality oils are gonna love you back as much as you love them!
  • Dilution; a little goes a long way, and dilution is an important factor in reducing the chance of adverse reactions while maximising the longevity of your oil collection. Plus, dilution enhances absorption and the delivery of oils to the entire system, allowing them to enact their profound effects. 
  • Delivery method; essential oils can be used topically (diluted) and also diffused. Diffusion is a great way to use oils to not only help out your little ones, but the whole household! Again, a little goes a long way, and always be sure to use essential oils generally considered safe for use with kids. Some companies and their representatives recommend essential oil ingestion, and while there may be an acute situation where this may be appropriate under the guidance of a therapist trained in Aromatic Medicine, casual ingestion is generally not a good idea - and definitely not a good idea for kids. Stay safe, guys!

Top Oils For Kids

The amazing benefit of essential oils is that they’re often super versitile, and single oils can be of great assistance for many issues and situations. Here’s a few oils to add to your arsenal that will be helpful for your little ones every day;

  • Lavender; one of the most well-known, and a definite favourite for many - and for good reason. Lavender is fabulous and famously calming for crazy kiddos, so makes a great addition to a bedtime blend for topical use or diffusion. It’s also super helpful for supporting the body’s natural healing process (check out this study here!) and so is helpful for assisting bumps and bruises to repair - it can be applied to wounds directly (once they’ve “scabbed over”) to speed up this process.
  • Roman Chamomile; this essential oil can be a little on the expensive side, however it’s super potent (so it goes a loooong way!) and is next-level calming. Again, it’s super soothing to skin so can be helpful for rashes and bumps and bruises - again, don’t apply to open wounds! - but this baby is THE oil you need to get bedtime crankin’. 
  • Frankincense; “The King Of Oils”. If in doubt, use Frank! Again, calm those kiddos with this beauty; it’s incredibly gentle and helpful for soothing at a soul level thanks to its spiritually active properties. It’s also considered an “amplifier”, meaning it’ll soup up the effects of the other oils it’s combined with - oh, yeah!
  • Bergamot; this gorgeous oil is my personal favourite, for one simple reason - it’s both uplifting and calming. For those times when you’re feeling a little down, it can profoundly pick you up and put you in a state of joy, giving you the motivation you need to turn the day around while approaching everything that needs to be done from a place of zen. And, same goes for the kiddos! Got their cranky pants on, just as you’re trying to get out of the house? Bergamot will get them chilled out but ready to go in no time! It’s worth mentioning here that Bergamot is a citrus oil, and notoriously photosensitive - meaning you don’t want to use this one in the sun or there will be nasty burns. There are varieties with the photosensitive component removed, which will make summertime use much safer - look for “Bergaptene Free” or “FCF (Furocoumarin-free) Bergamot”.

Using essential oils with kids is easy with the Tiny Tonics range of Essential Oil Roller Blends; ready-to-go blends of beautiful oils to help support mamas and babes - simple, gentle, natural and effective! Shop yours now ❤️

Do you love using essential oils in your home? What’s your favourite oil for use with your kids? Leave a comment below, or get in touch via email!

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