Crystals And Kids

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Children are well known for being innately intuitive, and acting from a place of authenticity and the spirit of magic that so naturally fills their hearts. So, it is no surprise that the world of crystals is one which they feel strongly connected to, and which inspires their imagination and creativity.

We love to use crystals as not only pieces for imaginative play, but also as tools for mindfulness and to assist in times of emotional disruption for our children. Here, you’ll find a few ways you can incorporate crystals into your children’s lives to give them an opportunity to connect to the healing energies that these beautiful gifts from the earth hold.

  • Imaginative play; crystals are a perfect accompaniment to imaginative and creative play activities. Include crystals in your child’s fairy garden set up, or provide a few pieces of different sizes and textures during play with play dough; these can be used as stamps for the dough, or for building scenes in a rolled out piece with other natural elements like seed pods and leaves.
  • Mindfulness activities; provide a few crystal pieces and allow your child to explore their natural colours, tones and textures. Give your child the chance to set them up in a crystal grid, and explore their feelings while allowing them to connect with the energies of these pieces. How do they feel when playing with a piece of Rose Quartz? Does the blue colour of Calcite make you feel a particular way? 
  • Meditation practice; crazy afternoons are a great opportunity for meditation activities with the kids. Allow them to choose a crystal to which they are naturally drawn, and provide a space for them to lay down and get comfortable. Allow them to connect with the crystal by placing it on their body where they intuitively feel it’s needed - kids are surprisingly knowing of just how their crystal can help them! Pop on some soft music and join them for a few minutes of settling and soothing the soul, and I promise you, your afternoon will turn around!
  • Tantrum taming; children often become emotionally disrupted when the world around them feels big and scary or out of their control. Using one of the practices above - meditation or mindfulness activities with crystals - can give them a chance to re-centre during these times, and help to interrupt the emotional rollercoaster that eventually ends at meltdown city. This is a fabulous opportunity to include essential oils (such as our Peaceful Babe Roller Blend) to nurture your child on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and help to bring calm to the chaos.

Of course, little safety note - being naturally curious, we all know kids can pop things in their mouths when exploring the world around them. Please keep small stones away from young children, as these may present a choking hazard. Similarly, some crystals may have sharp edges due to their natural textures. When using crystals with very small children, please choose larger pieces and inspect for any sharp or rough edges that may cause injury.

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